Principles and Expectations

Principles and Expectations

PRIM&R’s Principles and Expectations for Participation in Educational Programs and Conferences

PRIM&R advances the highest ethical standards in the conduct of biomedical, behavioral, and social science research, and our core values exemplify what actions and behaviors our organization is trying to model, as well as those that we hope our community will embrace. One of the ways PRIM&R’s mission is accomplished is through face-to-face, educational programming and conferences.

Mission of Educational Programs and Conferences

The objective of PRIM&R’s educational programs and conferences is to provide a safe and respectful environment for attendees to increase their knowledge and understanding of ethical and regulatory requirements, learn best practices, grapple with both late-breaking and longstanding challenges, and confer with peers and experts in the research ethics field in a constructive way.

PRIM&R is committed to being an impartial convener within the research ethics field, which encompasses people with a range of differing opinions. PRIM&R values freedom of expression, constructive and respectful dialogue, and spirited discussion, as they are essential to finding common ground and advancing the goal of responsible, ethical conduct of research with animals and human subjects.

Appropriate Behavior

To preserve the objectives and integrity of our educational programming and conferences, PRIM&R will not tolerate the disruption of educational programming or conference sessions that results in:

  • The inability for the learning objectives of those programs and sessions to be met.
  • The inability for dialogue, discussion, debate, learning, and/or networking to take place
  • Harassment, badgering, or verbal threats.
  • The use or threat of physical force by any individual or group of individuals against another. 
  • Destruction of property.


By registering for a PRIM&R conference or educational program, you agree to refrain from conduct that is disruptive or destructive in the ways outlined above. In addition, all participants attending an educational program or conference are subject to the laws applicable in the state of the event.

Violation of These Principles and Expectations

PRIM&R reserves the right to withdraw the name badge and, therefore, deny access to participants who do not adhere to these principles and expectations. Individuals asked to leave the meeting will not receive a refund and will be prevented from registering for future PRIM&R events.