PRIM&R Certificate Program

PRIM&R now provides individuals the opportunity to earn two new certificates through participation in PRIM&R educational offerings. These certificates present participants a way to demonstrate their commitment to the research ethics field while growing professionally, or adding a research ethics component to their existing knowledge about the research enterprise.

By obtaining the Certificate in the Ethical Foundations of Animal Care and Use, or the Certificate in the Foundations of Human Subjects Protections, participants will:

  • Increase their knowledge and understanding of research ethics and subject protections
  • Demonstrate their commitment to the field of research ethics and oversight
  • Document their continuing education achievements

Who Should Consider Obtaining a Certificate?

  • Individuals involved with research protections whose primary focus is on conducting, monitoring, or otherwise staffing research projects, such as principal investigators, institutional officials, research coordinators, and other research staff members, who are also interested in demonstrating understanding of the fundamental principles of human subjects protections and/or animal care and use.
  • Individuals whose professional role extends beyond research ethics and oversight, such as ethicists, policymakers, attorneys, and subject advocates, who need to have a solid foundation in the prevailing regulations and ethical principles.

PLEASE NOTE: These certificates are not prerequisites to, nor do they count toward, eligibility for the CIP® or CPIA® certification. Additionally, some position announcements state a requirement for CIP or CPIA certification. Neither of these certificates fulfill that requirement, nor are they intended to demonstrate the same level of competency. Rather, they demonstrate a basic understanding of human subjects protections and animal care and use. Learn more about the differences between these certificates and professional certification.

Enrollment and Cost

Enrollment in the program is required. Once enrolled, participants will receive regular updates via email about upcoming programs that meet certificate requirements. For both certificates, all requirements must be completed within three years.  

The program is free to PRIM&R members. Nonmembers pay a nominal enrollment fee of $49.