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External Events Policy

Interested in posting an event on the PRIM&R calendar?

PRIM&R’s calendar is intended primarily to promote PRIM&R events. However, if an external organization is interested in posting a meeting or conference on the calendar, approval will be granted based on the following criteria:

  1. Relevancy/Institutional Credibility – The event should be relevant to the PRIM&R mission and values, and should be from a credible institution.
  2. Timing – The event should not conflict with a PRIM&R event with a similar focus.
  3. Content – If it is determined that the event’s educational objectives compete with an established PRIM&R conference, program, or webinar, PRIM&R reserves the right to decline the request to post the event.

If at any time any of these criteria change (e.g., a PRIM&R event is scheduled at the same time as an external organization's event, after the latter event is already on the calendar), the external event posting will be re-evaluated.

If an organization is interested in submitting an event, the event details should be emailed to Kelly Whelan, Marketing Coordinator.